• Individual
    Very personalized trainings that are tailored to fit the individual’s needs in any industry allow participants to achieve excellent results with a dedicated trainer.

  • Group (3-5 participants)
    Participate in our group classes either in-house or on location. Our courses are led by our specialized trainers who are experts in the Speakwell method to create a strong, interactive group dynamic to master the target language.

  • Telephone
    For participants who are not able to leave their offices, telephone classes are ideal. Working particularly on listening comprehension with conference call simulations and telephone dialogues allows the participant to progress in a real world context.

  • E-Learning
    Specifically targeting vocabulary needs, our e-learning modules are for those who wish to acquire basic vocabulary at an accelerated pace.

  • Blended learning
    Blended Learning allows participants to choose the format that best suits their needs and corresponds to the time they have available to dedicate to their learning process.

  • Executive Excursions
    For Executives and upper management, we offer the opportunity to be hosted in England for intensive English language training either in London or the countryside. A dedicated Speakwell trainer guides the participant through the city and the language training takes place in a real world setting, seamlessly improving the language learners’ reactivity and comprehension.
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