Edward Lecomte
Founder and Managing Director

Inspired by the linguistic challenges facing non-native speakers of English in the New York area, Edward Lecomte took matters into his own hands. He started a program that focused on the needs of professionals who knew how to speak English but who wanted to speak English well.
By incorporating his experience teaching in both academic and professional settings with the individual goals of his clients, he saw great progress in their ability to communicate clearly, concisely and with confidence. His specialized accent reduction programs were so successful he then decided to open a new location in Paris, France. When he is not working with executives from Orange, lawyers from Freshfields or managers from Havas, he enjoys spending time with is family and relaxing on the banks of the Seine.

Christina Ashley
Content Editor / Communications / Trainer

Born and raised in Ontario Canada, Christina has been an active member of the Speakwell team since October 2014. She has a diverse background in content creation, digital media, marketing, and accent reduction. With degrees in Linguistics, communications, and speech pathology, she brings a unique approach to each new client. Her favorite part of working with Speakwell is watching clients succeed and grow in confidence. When she is not racing from client to client, creating curriculum content, or producing new e-learning segments, she enjoys playing professional women’s ice hockey, writing, and touring the magnificent sights of Paris.
“What I love about Speakwell is the fast paced, high energy attitude we bring to each and every client! English should be exciting, and Speakwell does a great job of bringing that excitement to each and every meeting!”

  • Team Speakwell
    Not all trainers are created equal. To work for Speakwell, a trainer must be a native speaker, have a minimum BAC + 4 and relevent work experience. They have to be able to anticipate and meet the needs of their clients at all times. They are fun and engaging and bring interesting topics to the table.
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